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<p>My roommate John and I spent a weekend in early autumn 2001 at the Maroon Bells, which are, like, <i>the</i> Colorado Mountains&reg;. Probably the most often-shot picture in Colorado is of the Maroon Bells over Crater Lake. It&rsquo;s even on our local grocery store cards <a href="/pictures/mbells/soopers.jpg"><img src="/pictures/mbells/soopers_sm.jpg" width="50" height="32" alt="[King Soopers Card]" title="" class="middle"/></a>. Here&rsquo;s my attempt at that shot:</p>
<p class="gallery"><a href="/pictures/mbells/mbells.jpg"><img class="horiz" alt="[1]" title="" src="/pictures/mbells/mbells_sm.jpg"/></a> </p>
<p>We went during one of the weekends when the aspens were changing; they are bright gold for only a couple weeks in the autumn every year. I had just missed them last year so I really wanted to see them. We got there at just the right time:</p>
<p class="gallery"><a href="/pictures/mbells/aspens1.jpg"><img class="horiz" alt="[2]" title="" src="/pictures/mbells/aspens1_sm.jpg"/></a> <a href="/pictures/mbells/aspens2.jpg"><img class="horiz" alt="[3]" title="" src="/pictures/mbells/aspens2_sm.jpg"/></a> </p>
<p class="gallery"><a href="/pictures/mbells/aspens3.jpg"><img class="vert" alt="[4]" title="" src="/pictures/mbells/aspens3_sm.jpg"/></a> <a href="/pictures/mbells/aspens4.jpg"><img class="vert" alt="[5]" title="" src="/pictures/mbells/aspens4_sm.jpg"/></a> <a href="/pictures/mbells/aspens5.jpg"><img class="vert" alt="[6]" title="" src="/pictures/mbells/aspens5_sm.jpg"/></a> </p>
<p>John is the &uuml;ber-athlete, so I didn&rsquo;t even consider going on the same trail he did. He climbed Pyramid mountain, a fourteener, but I did Buckskin Pass, which only goes up to about 12,500 feet. I took most of my pictures towards the beginning and end of the trail, because most of the time I was just huffing and puffing... Here&rsquo;s a creek just above tree-line:</p>
<p class="gallery"><a href="/pictures/mbells/creek.jpg"><img class="vert" alt="[7]" title="" src="/pictures/mbells/creek_sm.jpg"/></a> </p>
<p>Here are some pictures right up near the top of the trail:</p>
<p class="gallery"><a href="/pictures/mbells/near_top1.jpg"><img class="horiz" alt="[8]" title="" src="/pictures/mbells/near_top1_sm.jpg"/></a> <a href="/pictures/mbells/near_top2.jpg"><img class="horiz" alt="[9]" title="" src="/pictures/mbells/near_top2_sm.jpg"/></a> <a href="/pictures/mbells/near_top3.jpg"><img class="horiz" alt="[10]" title="" src="/pictures/mbells/near_top3_sm.jpg"/></a> </p>
<p>And here&rsquo;s the view from the top, from left to right. The middle picture shows the view of Snowmass Lake across the valley, but it&rsquo;s a little hard to make out. It&rsquo;s in the middle, in the spot of sunlight.</p>
<p class="gallery"><a href="/pictures/mbells/top1.jpg"><img class="horiz" alt="[11]" title="" src="/pictures/mbells/top1_sm.jpg"/></a> <a href="/pictures/mbells/top2.jpg"><img class="horiz" alt="[12]" title="" src="/pictures/mbells/top2_sm.jpg"/></a> <a href="/pictures/mbells/top3.jpg"><img class="horiz" alt="[13]" title="" src="/pictures/mbells/top3_sm.jpg"/></a> </p>
<p>And then right back down again... I couldn&rsquo;t use my legs again for days...</p>
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