(title "rothenburg")
  (file "rothenburg")
  (created "January 19, 2002")
      "The kids visited Mom at her place in B" (& "ouml") "blingen for "
      "Christmas 2001. We took a day trip to the medieval town of "
      "Rothenburg. Here you can see how cute the little town is, plus the "
      "view from the city wall, which is original and surrounds the whole "
      "city. It's also where, on the second story, I slipped on the ice "
      "and bruised my butt while looking like a fool. Sigh.")
      (image ("horiz") "roth1")
      (image ("horiz") "roth2"))
      "Here is a statue of a pikesman on the corner of one of the shops, "
      "and a couple of local ne'erdowells.")
      (image ("vert") "pikesman")
      (image ("vert") "goofballs"))
      "(Moments later, " (i "die Polizei") " came and took care of these "