(title "normandy")
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  (created "April 26, 2002")
      "I spent a few days in Normandy in northern France, along the "
      "English channel. I stayed in Bayeux, the home of the famous "
      "tapestry depicting the story of the Battle of Hastings in 1066. It "
      "was also the first town liberated by the Allies in the D-Day "
      "Here's part of the battle scene from the 11th century tapestry. The "
      "Latin narrative says ``here both the English and the French fell in "
      (image ("tapestry") "ceciderunt_simul"))
      "Of the five beaches in the D-Day invasion, two were liberated by "
      "American forces: Omaha Beach and Utah Beach. Omaha, the site of the "
      "early scene from " (i "Saving Private Ryan") ", cost the most "
      "Allied lives.")
      (image ("horiz") "omaha")
      (image ("horiz") "barbed"))
      "The American cemetary and the view of the coast from the cemetary:")
      (image ("horiz") "coast")
      (image ("horiz") "cemetary"))
      "The Allies built two floating ports, one of which was demolished by "
      "storms only a couple of weeks later. The remaining port is still "
      "there. Here is one of the pieces, washed up on shore.")
      (image ("vert") "port"))