(title "maroon bells")
  (file "mbells")
  (created "January 19, 2002")
      "My roommate John and I spent a weekend in early autumn 2001 at the "
      "Maroon Bells, which are, like, " (i "the") " Colorado Mountains"
      (& "reg") ". Probably the most often-shot picture in Colorado "
      "is of the Maroon Bells over Crater Lake. It's even on our local "
      "grocery store cards "
      (a (@ (href "/pictures/mbells/soopers.jpg"))
        (img (@ (src "/pictures/mbells/soopers_sm.jpg")
                (width "50")
                (height "32")
                (alt "[King Soopers Card]")
                (title "")
                (class "middle"))))
      ". Here's my attempt at that shot:")

      (image ("horiz") "mbells"))

      "We went during one of the weekends when the aspens were changing; "
      "they are bright gold for only a couple weeks in the autumn every "
      "year. I had just missed them last year so I really wanted to see "
      "them. We got there at just the right time:")

      (image ("horiz") "aspens1")
      (image ("horiz") "aspens2"))

      (image ("vert") "aspens3")
      (image ("vert") "aspens4")
      (image ("vert") "aspens5"))

      "John is the " (& "uuml") "ber-athlete, so I didn't even consider "
      "going on the same trail he did. He climbed Pyramid mountain, a "
      "fourteener, but I did Buckskin Pass, which only goes up to about "
      "12,500 feet. I took most of my pictures towards the beginning and "
      "end of the trail, because most of the time I was just huffing and "
      "puffing... Here's a creek just above tree-line:")

      (image ("vert") "creek"))

      "Here are some pictures right up near the top of the trail:")

      (image ("horiz") "near_top1")
      (image ("horiz") "near_top2")
      (image ("horiz") "near_top3"))

      "And here's the view from the top, from left to right. The middle "
      "picture shows the view of Snowmass Lake across the valley, but it's "
      "a little hard to make out. It's in the middle, in the spot of "

      (image ("horiz") "top1")
      (image ("horiz") "top2")
      (image ("horiz") "top3"))

      "And then right back down again... I couldn't use my legs again for "