(title "maine")
  (file "maine")
  (created "August 17, 2003")
      "Greg, Ryan and I drove up to Maine for the day to do "
      "a little sight-seeing and have some good seafood. I'm "
      "afraid I was a little squeamish with the seafood.")
      "The Portland Head Light at Fort Williams:")
      (image ("horiz") "portland_head_light")
      (image ("horiz") "portland_sailboats"))
      (image ("vert") "portland_rocks")
      (image ("vert") "ryan")
      (image ("vert") "portland_head_light_close"))
      "We drove up further north to Bristol to see the Pemaquid "
      "lighthouse, and got there just in time before the storm "
      "came in.")
      (image ("horiz") "greg")
      (image ("horiz") "pemaquid_rocks")
      (image ("horiz") "pemaquid_coast"))
      (image ("horiz") "pemaquid_light")
      (image ("horiz") "pemaquid_sky_brewing"))
      "After the storm passed, we had dinner in the town of Damariscatta.")
      (image ("horiz") "damariscatta_dock")
      (image ("horiz") "damariscatta_dusk"))