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  (created "July 31, 2002")
      "In May and June I traveled along the western coast of Italy, "
      "passing through Rome down to the Amalfi coast, and back up to "
      "Cinque Terre.")
      "Down near Amalfi I stayed in a little town called Cava de Tirreni, "
      "in a hostel converted from an old abbey. One night a parade came "
      "through town in Renaissance outfits, ended up in the backyard of "
      "the abbey, and did a reenactment of a Renaissance wedding.")
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      "Up just north of Amalfi is Napoli, where I took the ferry across to "
      "the island of Capri.")
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      "Cinque Terre, as the name suggests, is a row of 5 villages along "
      "the northern coast of Italy, all built into the mountainsides on "
      "the coast.")
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