(title "heidelberg")
  (file "heidelberg")
  (created "May 22, 2002")
      "Our day trip to Heidelberg, Germany, a pretty little castle town on "
      "the Neckar River.")
      (image ("horiz") "across")
      (image ("horiz") "schloss2")
      (image ("horiz") "schloss"))
      (image ("vert") "house")
      (image ("vert") "bridge"))
      "Some views from the tour of the castle:")
      (image ("vert") "lookout")
      (image ("vert") "moat")
      (image ("vert") "fountain")
      (image ("vert") "wall"))
      "There are two barrels of wine in the castle. One is the largest "
      "barrel of wine in the world. This one is " (i "not") "the largest "
      "barrel of wine in the world (use your imagination). Finally, a good "
      "way to end off a tiring day of touring with grown-ups.")
      (image ("horiz") "barrel")
      (image ("horiz") "gigglers"))