(title "burgundy")
  (file "burgundy")
  (created "May 22, 2002")
      "I spent most of the week in Dijon, but also took a day trip down to "
      "Beaune. Walking around in Dijon, I sat in front of this building "
      "for a while and then met C" (& "eacute") "lia here, walking with "
      "her neighbor and the neighbor's dog Aramis. C" (& "eacute") "lia "
      "wants a dog but her mother doesn't, so her neighbor shares Aramis "
      "with her.")
      (image ("horiz") "modern")
      (image ("horiz") "celia"))
      "Some pictures from my walks around Dijon and Beaune. In the first "
      "you can see the remnants of the battle with Le Pen. He lost by a "
      "landslide, as they apparently predicted.")
      (image ("horiz") "lepen")
      (image ("horiz") "beaune")
      (image ("horiz") "church2"))
      (image ("vert") "marbotte")
      (image ("vert") "church1"))
      "A Dijon graffiti artist who seems to go by SOL. Kind of a Keith "
      "Haring rip-off, actually.")
      (image ("horiz") "sol1")
      (image ("horiz") "sol2"))
      (image ("vert") "sol3")
      (image ("vert") "sol4")
      (image ("vert") "sol5")
      (image ("vert") "sol6"))